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What Really Happens When Mom Sets You Up

Would you ever let your mom set you up on a blind date?  Maybe your friend or neighbor?

Alix Strauss allowed her mom to set her up on a blind date and ended up with a really good story. She gives us the deets along with some take away tips for your blind dates. 

As an author and frequent features contributor to the New York Times, Alix often interviews couples in long-lasting relationships.  Today we will hear what she has learned over the years.

Plus I bring you a Dating Dish. Are you a romantic or aromantic and have you had a run in with a West Elm Caleb Love-Bomber yet?

And in my Dear Damona segment, we talk about teeth trouble and getting mentally ready to date.


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The foundation for every great relationship is understanding. Understanding how to love and how to be loved.

On today’s episode of the Dates & Mates podcast, my guest Allana Pratt – intimacy coach and host of the “Intimate Conversations” Podcast – shows us the upside to the isolation we are all experiencing right now.

Now is the time for self-discovery. And by self-discovery, we mean truly understanding how you would like your partner to show you love.

More on that later, first Damona covers headlines! 

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