Diamonds and Glamour

by Heather S. Bormann

There are many types of earring styles available, making it difficult to choose what to wear, and even harder to decide what to purchase when picking a pair of earrings for the perfect gift. Should the earrings dangle and catch people’s attention? Should the earrings be understated, small and close to the ear? If I go for a hoop, how large is too large? The number of options can be as overwhelming as the opinions that are available on this subject.

Well, you’ll never know until you try, and do try them all! If you are choosing the perfect earrings for a special occasion, give yourself time while getting dressed to try on a few options. Look in the mirror after your hair is styled, to make sure you are seeing the right balance of impact and subtlety you are going for. They should catch the eye, but not detract from your overall look. There are no rules about when to choose a hoop, a stud or a dangle, but it’s important that the chosen earrings do not compete or clash with the necklace that is worn. When choosing a really dramatic earring, in any style category, the loudest version can always safely be paired with no necklace at all, bearing in mind that it’s easier for a necklace to compete with an outfit than your earrings. If you are making the decision on which style of earrings to purchase as a gift, ask for help, and have someone try them on so you can see them on someone. Then, try and imagine the earrings on the recipient to see if you think that’s an attractive look. A gift does not need to be a carbon copy of something the person already owns. The gift of jewelry is a sentiment that says “this made me think of you”, and no one can have too many earring styles in their life.
Choosing the right earrings for work, however, can be less of a tricky decision, and more of a very dull business.

Conservative styles such as stud earrings and tiny hoops can be a safe choice if flash and flare are not appropriate for the work atmosphere, but mix-matching these can add a little spice to an another wise ordinary accessory choice. A small, sparkly aquamarine stud in one ear and the same size white pearl in the other ear may not catch everyone’s attention around you, but the pay off you will enjoy comes from the feeling of making a fun accessory decision on what would be just an ordinary Tuesday.

How large is too large? The question of the ages in the hoop department! Size does not matter, but how they hang on the ear absolutely does. No matter how attractive the earring, if it pulls the lobe down in a stressed or wrinkled way, this will take away from the attractiveness of the earring, and even cause discomfort while wearing them. If the hoop is large, but sits nicely on the lobe and doesn’t create any drag or pull downwards, try the next size larger and see if the same is true. Just go for it!

Life is short. Wear the hoops. Buy the dangles. Mix the studs.