“The original War Witch is a fantastic blend that quickly became a favorite among many smokers,” said Aric Bey, CEO, and owner of Black Star Line Cigars. “AGANORSA Leaf did a great job rolling that cigar for us, and the public let us know they love it. Fans of the original had been asking for a full-bodied version of the cigar. I’m just giving the people what they want. This cigar is magically delicious,” he added.

The Black Star Line Cigars Dark War Witch is debuting in bundles of 20 cigars but is scheduled to add a boxed version in early December. Both versions have an MSRP of $11.99 per cigar and are made by AGANORSA Leaf.

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Cigar of the Month- Clark & Sheffield

Wrapper offered nice flavor and aroma. Cigar got off to a crooked burn. I thought I’d wait it out and see what happens, rather than touch it up. Unfortunately, the cigar went out, so I was forced to relight. Smoke picked up in spiciness after the first inch. Because of the loose draw I had to be careful not to draw too often to keep the cigar from turning bitter or hot. Cigar started to burn unevenly again, so I let it burn, and whad’ya know, it straightened right out and burned beautifully. The cigar has a little note of peppery spice on the finish. The flavors started to bloom around the 1/2way mark. Peppery notes inched-up a bit, while the nutmeg flavor remained constant. I was now more interested in seeing what would come next. From that point on the smoke was very consistent. Some notes of espresso leaked-in, but this was primarily a very rich-tasting smoke with dark, spicy tobacco flavors.

Diamond Crown Maximus Toro #4

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Cigar of the Month

Born from an undying passion for tobacco & an obsession for excellence, we are Sinistro. A band of brothers who’s zeal & passion for fine cigars has set us on a journey around the world to unearth the finest tobaccos to create Sinistro Cigars

The Evanston Magazine cigar of the month is absolutely as unique as the birth of this magazine.  Just look at it.  A perfect leaf wrapped in a the way of old world leaf wrappers of old world Cuba.  

With over 3 decades of experience, Sinistro Cigars has traveled to the world’s most renowned cigar producing regions in search for the perfect smoke. The attention to detail & quality can be seen & tasted in every cigar. Each cigar is hand-rolled by master cigar rollers under the strict supervision of a cigar aficionado. Follow us on the road to excellence.